Kansas City's New Inclusive Community

Our goal is to create an innovative, affordable supportive living option for adults with IDD where residents don’t just live but grow and thrive. People with IDD seek to lead full participatory lives and relationships, meaningful employment and choices for independent living.

Inclusion Connections is providing the KC community the opportunity to come together for our most vulnerable citizens.

We envision a community that accomplishes the following:

  • Establish a regional community with customized and supportive residential options that serves as home for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the KC region.
  • Launch a Transition Academy serving both youth and young adults to prepare individuals with new skills and quality-of-life indicators for the transition to independent or supportive living.
  • Position the KC Supportive Living Community to serve as a model site for education, training, and thought leadership focused on expanding choices for affordable, quality housing options across the KC region.
  • Magnify Inclusion Connections’ voice to engage in federal, state, and local policy that support new comminity-based models that support choices for independent and supportive living for individuals with IDD in the KC region.
  • One bedroom apartments
  • Indoor Community Space: dining hall, fitness center
  • Outdoor Community Space
  • Inclusion Connections Headquarters
  • Transition Academy: classroom space, conference rooms
  • PawsAbilities Bakery and Retail Store
  • Space for Organizations with a Disability Mission (coffee shop, ice cream store)

Now is the time to offer individuals with IDD
a better choice.

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